Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Terms of Sale

1. Terms of Payment

The sales price is due before the delivery of the painting (prepayment). The payment has to be made within two weeks after receiving the confirmation email, the latest. This also applies for purchases that will be picked up at the studio.
After the confirmation, we will send from admin you through Alertpay a payment request for the complete costs. Alertpay enables the payment in $/Euro even if you are located outside the $/Euro zone. Bank Transfer is also possible, but please make sure that all bankcharges are billed to the sender of the payment. We recommend Alertpay. Payment when picking up the painting is not possible!
Please note: Only full payment of the total price confirmed in the purchase confirmation is accepted.
Partial payment does not extend the pre-payment period of 14 days after the confirmation. No installments. No deductions. No overpayments.
In case of still unpaid purchases after the prepayment period we reserve the right to reject further bids for other paintings until the payment has been settled.
We reserve the right to withdraw from a sale within the legal conditions of e.g. non-payment.

Reserved Cityscapes!

Soho NYC Sold

Manhattan NYC Sold

West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago Sold

La Salle St, Chicago

Reserved Cow paintings!

Original Cow Art Painting 'Holstein Friesian'

2. Delivery Date

After this drying time and when your payment has arrived, I will send the painting and inform you about the shipment to the delivery address supplied by you or you will get an email saying the painting is ready to be picked up.
All Paintings painted for these blog's are marked by #nr and signed - Each painting and its condition will be photographed and documented - before it is sent to you. Should you observe on arrival any damage in the package causing harm to the painting please let us know immediately.

You receiving an unique original painting by Karel Tuinart,

Paint with Acrylics & Art Painting Weekly

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