Monday, March 21, 2011

Original Cow Art Painting 'Baggerbonten'

Paint with acrylics, Cow painting

Cows every day, you can not get enough of cows. Cute animals! Muddiness eye-spotted (Baggerbonten) cows are very exceptional, It's an old Dutch genre cow. 've tried looking up the cow in a painting motion!

Cow sketch composition for the 'Baggerbonten' in my outdoor sketchbook:

Cow sketch composition - sketchbook

Year Created: 2011
Medium: Paint with Acrylics & Mixed media
Surface: Paper, 400g/m, 185lbs
Dimension: 12x16inch (30x40cm)

Price: $135 USD & $20 USD s/h

Contact me for availability

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